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The boutique concept of our law firm is provided not just for our number, as for the quality of the services that differentiates us from other legal offices. Our cases are always handled by the partners of the firm, who, under our work philosophy, give personalized attention to each case and fluid communication via telephone or e-mail. in short response times for our customers.

You will receive reports to keep you updated on the progress of the process and the results obtained in a clear and precise manner.

We know that your time is valuable. Our services will adjust to your needs so meetings are conveniently scheduled for our clients and their agendas and locations through prior coordination of agendas to maximize the use of time.

Our philosophy is based on providing services and legal representations with excellence, in a personalized and specialized manner for a limited scope of legal practice, Criminal Law and Real Estate Law, always aided by notarial practice.

We know that our services are our own recommendation letter, therefore, our case taking is limited and exclusive to maintain our service capacity, provide short time responses and a service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.


We have 12 years of experience and  Customer satisfaction with :
We are a family of dedicated lawyers that are looking to expand our business and assist those looking to grow their families & goals.
We have experience from notary to real estate to criminal aspects of Costa Rica Law. Let our bilingual expertise connect you to Costa Rica law and your desired goals.

We represent sellers and buyers of properties to ensure successful transactions. We perform thorough due diligence and close your deal safely and easily.


We guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary information to apply for an immigration category and carry out the process before Immigration to ensure your legal stay in Costa Rica.


We establish your corporation according to Costa Rican regulations and advise you on compliance with legal obligations.


We attend all your legal consultations so that your decision making is in accordance with the corresponding legal regulations.


We offer high-quality criminal representation and advice services, with more than 12 years of experience in the processing of criminal cases, which includes those of high complexity, against public function and fraud. A long judicial career has allowed us to acquire enough experience to advise and redirect your criminal case in any of its stages in the way that is most appropriate for your interests.

Criminal practice is based on conflict, which arises in multiple ways and with different consequences for people and their belongings. Prolonged practice in this branch is essential to offer our clients a broad overview of the implications and consequences that the law has for different situations from a legal and civil perspective. In addition, knowledge of the criminal process and its alternatives other than trial have served our clients to adequately satisfy their interests and personal freedom.

The acquisition of real estate in Costa Rica is subject to a series of regulations that must be considered prior to purchasing a property. Legal advice on real estate includes carrying out all the necessary steps to ensure that your real estate investment meets the expectations of your project to be developed. To do this, we represent sellers and buyers during the due diligence period, we review and draft contracts, we carry out the closing of your business and we will carry out post-purchase procedures, so that your purchase is complete.

We are oriented to people with the intention of buying a property in Costa Rica, small and medium developers and investors, companies that intend to establish themselves or regulate their situation in Costa Rica, receiving quality legal advice.

In the case of concessions in the Maritime-terrestrial Zone, we process the application process or extension of the concession before the corresponding Municipality.

Our notary services include all those notarial acts related to the purchase and sale of movable and immovable property, incorporation and modification of companies, preparation of minutes, certifications, affidavits, certifications, custody of legal books, among others.

In immigration law we offer advice and processing of processes before the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration as temporary and permanent residences.

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